Rent a car in Pattaya Thailand, price 2018-2019

Bike Honda PCX 150

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Rent a bike in Pattaya: Honda PCX 150CC

Seats: 2

Renting a scooter in Pattaya is a great service from our company that will be appreciated by all lovers of riding a two-wheeled vehicle. Bike Honda Click PCX 150 - is a moped, which is distinguished by its efficiency. Sports bike is great for driving through a busy city.

The volume of the gas tank is 5.9 liters. Per 100 km consumed from 2.7 liters of fuel. Bike Honda Click PCX 150 has impressive dimensions, but allows you to drive even in the most inaccessible places. Injection gasoline supply system. Seat height is 760 mm. The transmission is automatic. Seats up to 2 people with driver. In the trunk can fit 2 helmets. The ground clearance is 130 mm. Moped quickly accelerates.

If you wish to rent a Honda Click PCX 150 motorbike in Pattaya, Thailand, please contact our company quickly. We can help you very quickly in this matter. Our mopeds are in excellent condition. The cost of rent is quite low in our agency.