Rent a car in Pattaya Thailand, price 2018-2019

The Sanctuary of Truth

If you love to travel about Thailand, definitely rent a car and go to Pattaya to see the biggest wooden temple on the bank of the Gulf of Thailand.

The area of the Sanctuary of Truth is more than 3200 m ²; it is a gigantic wooden construction. It is located at Laem Rachvate Cape, ChonBuri Province, near Pattaya. The building was made entirely of wood (4 types of woods); the building is unique because no nails, no any other binders were used in construction.   At this, the top of the point of the building is more than 100 meters.

The Sanctuary of Truth is a work of art, covered with wooden carve sculptures and the ornaments associated with the religion of Thailand and China, India and Cambodia. It is based on Eastern Philosophy, Ancient Knowledge an acceptance of the m d Ancient Vision of Earth. The main purpose of a temple is life relationship with Universe and main principles of life cycle.

Thanks to philosophy and religion, the mankind can achieve a lot if they take them as a basis of development – that’s the main point   that was pursued in the construction of the temple.

On the roof there are four spires, the four elements that represent according to their philosophy four great mission: The establishment of religion, the continuation of immortal philosophy, morality, symbolizing Peace, and Balancing World. There is a sculpture of Phra Sri-Aryamethay at spire top who became the fifth Buddha in the modern era.

Lech Viriyaphan, businessman began construction of a temple for his money in 1981. The building is under construction till today, they say that the end is planned in 2025. Also, some people believe that permanent building is an idea of the author; it’s a sort of eternal reincarnation.

Having rented a car in Pattaya you can get to the Sanctuary of Truth in 15-20 minutes.


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Ticket for Adult is 500 bahts

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GPS: 12.972833, 100.889070