Rent a car in Pattaya Thailand, price 2018-2019

Going to Ko Chang

Едем на Ко ЧангGoing to Ko Chang by rented car

Ko Chang (translation – elephant) - the second largest island in Thailand, located on the Gulf of Thailand’s eastern seaboard. This place is popular with a large numbers of tourists, especially with lovers of traveling by their cars or rental cars, because it is incredibly beautiful place! You will be surrounded by beaches with white velour sand and impenetrable jungle! Although, the island has become available for visiting recently, all conditions for accommodation are made for every traveler’s financial capacities.

To get to the island, in Pattaya, you can rent a car and hit the road.



On the rout number 36 our way is to Trat Province, it’s about in 240 km (3,5 hours).

As all ferries are large, you can easily take any your car with you, even if you rent a SUV or Pickup for your trip and don’t want to leave it at Trat.

Chang archipelago is declared a National Marine Park in 1982, and includes the beaches of western and eastern coasts of the main island. Western coast is more attractive to tourists for rest, because there are such beaches of the island, as Hat Sai Kao (White sand), Haad Khlong Prao Beach, Кai Bae Beach, Haad Thanam or Lonely Beach  and Aow Bang Bao Beach.

The most popular and populous beach on Chang is Hat Sai Kao (White sand), its length is about 2,5 km, this is the place where the hotel, restaurant and retail chain is the most developed. Everyone will find affordable and taste bar, cafe, massage salon and night entertainments. 

 Haad Khlong Prao Beach is more suitable for families. Its length is 3 km, the beach wide and clean, there is the well-developed infrastructure, a lot of tourists, but it’s not suitable for a lonely rest.

 Кai Bae Beach is in the centre of the western coast, its length is 2,5 km, it is a picturesque place, however, in some places water falls at the ebb, and at some places it is  difficult to come into water because of cobble-stones.

Southern beaches, Haad Thanam and Aow Bang Bao Beach, are considered one of the quietest, green and beautiful in Chang. But Lonely Beach, place is more for young people, it’s with basic rooms, wild beaches and night parties.  




6.30 - 19.00


200 baht per vehicle


Ko Chang Ferry Pier: GPS: 12.187135, 102.301641

Centre Point Ferry Pier: GPS: 12.192195,102.37016