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Doi Inthanon National Park (Doi Inthanon)

Национальный парк Дой Интханон


All tourists coming to Thailand, have probably heard about Doi Inthanon National Park. This magnificent park is located not so close to Bangkok and Pattaya, but the car journey lasts 8 hours and the route will run along the scenic Thai countryside, so that the time will fly by, especially because car is the most comfortable mode of transport for the journey along the winding mountain roads. Going to Doi Inthhanon National Park (DoiInthanon), do not forget to take warm clothes with you as it could be cool in mountains.


Чем же знаменит парк Дой Интханон (Doi Inthanon)?

What is Doi Inthanon Park (DoiInthanon) is famous for?

    The main attraction of Doi Inthanon Park is the mountain of the same name, which is considered the highest point of Thailand.


Doi Inthnanon National Park (DoiInthanon) is located on the territory of about 5 hundred square kilometres near Chiang Mai. This is a wonderful realm of coolness among surrounding heat, the place where sound of waterfalls and birds singing allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature. However, only here in Thailand, it snows but very seldom. This place also is so-called «cold pole» of Thailand. Because in winter the temperature can drop to even eight degrees below zero. Such winter for Thais is very-very cold.

What should be seen in Doi Inthanon Park:

  • Doi Inthanon Mountain (2565 metres high)
  • Mae Klang Waterfall
  • High MaeYa Waterfall
  • Roaring  Wachiratkan Waterfall
  • King and Queen’s stupas


It’s better to start your park journey from MaeYa waterfall as it is away from the track leading to the top of the mountain. Then continue exploring the park from Thais most favorite MeKlang waterfall where they swim right in their clothes. And there are the famous stupas just before the top of the mountain. Up there, approximately at 2100 meters you will have a magnificent view on the surrounding landscape, it is better to take more photos here as the forest on mountain top will close the view.

Traveling on park by rented car, you don’t need to use your navigator, just follow the signs.

It is also worth visiting villages of the local people living in the park territory. It should be noted that this sightseeing tour will take you the whole day. So you can see everything in details to plan your journey for several days, all the more there is a place to stay.

A lot of Thais come to the park as it is believed that everyone should visit this wonderful place. Therefore, the best day for travel is a weekday.

You also should remember that it gets dark early in Thailand and you need to come down from the mountain in time.



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5-00 - 18-00


The cost of ticket is 500 bahts, and 30 bahts extra for the car. There is a discount for Thai drive license owners!


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GPS: 18.537736, 98.525836